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guitars in seedy bars
hello i'm izzy, have a nice day

i think i’d say i was a hopeless romantic emphasis on the hopeless

Grimes for POP Magazine


Grimes at Pemberton Music Festival 2014


I told you. All the men in my life die.
I’m not a man in your life, okay? You said so yourself. I’m a little shitpot.

This was one of my favourite relationships on the show


The Horrors at Field Day

Victoria Park, London 2014


Ivan Aivazovsky, Between the Waves, 1898

I don’t even know what to think anymore



Best political cartoons.

the last one


you know that one album that youve listened to so many times and youd defend it with your life and you can anticipate every single little note that comes after the other and you can sing along to every word and it just has a special place in your heart that no other album can fill

She Changes The Weather
Artist: Swim Deep

11,463 plays

i just found this on photobooth like how come my hair looks so nice what happened ://///