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guitars in seedy bars
hello i'm izzy, have a nice day

my bandmate is away for a month so i’ve decided as we can’t practise i’m just gonna dedicate a lot of my time to writing some really epic songs and by the end of the summer we’ll have some more srs tunes then hopefully we can record some stuff and do an EP or maybe just one song or something?? idk it would be really really cool and i want to do lots of music stuff before there’s no time when a levels kick in again and before we know it we’ll be going our separate ways to uni so gotta make the most of it

BASICALLY write songs record them make an ep soundcloud it done

i did a concert in paris outside the notre dame last week and i feel like i royally screwed it up like so much i can’t even watch the video that my friend recorded it’s really that bad and yeah i cried afterwards because it was so shit and i really wish i could go back in time and redo it but yh it was so SHIT and it’s just been hanging over me a lot really and i just want to prove myself wrong, that i can play that song really well like how we practised it but i don’t really have an opportunity to do that at the moment so yeah crap crap crap goodbye